At Kompass Ingénierie we do speak English (and a little bit of German and Italian). First, we want you to know Mr Jacques GARCIN, our CEO, has a strong English accent from Liverpool so please don't be surprised! 

Our mountains, in the French Alps, are a great playfield and we want every single one to enjoy them as much as we do. Even more.

We definitely know French can be sometime hard to learn and use, especially when we start using specific words related to construction and concrete…!

In this way, we are here to help you managing your construction regarding all the steps a building creation can involve, at any moment.

Jacques GARCIN is also an expert at the Chambéry Court of Appeal for the following specificities:

  • Construction budget - (economics)

  • Coatings - * Coatings and external coatings, tiling, plastering * interior coatings (plasters, staff, stucco)

  • Civil engineering - Airports, Dams, Structures, Bridges, Ports, Tunnels, Railways

  • Structural work - Structure - * Reinforced concrete, wood and metal structures, formwork, foundations, masonry

  • Architecture – Engineering

  • Roofing - roofing, framing, zinc plating, waterproofing


This is a great example of how our knowledge of the building steps, on the expert field, can help us addressing your demand the better way we can.


Please feel free to contact us for any question: + 33 6 84 40 54 00


We look forward to hearing from you,


Kompass – Mr Jacques Garcin